Meet Kaatee

Kaatee Bailey

At the young age of 22, Kaatee suffered from parasites in the brain causing petit-mal epilepsy.

After being miraculously healed from this terrifying experience, she was compelled to learn more about health.
On her journey, she had the opportunity to study and work several years with Naturopath Dr. Karl Swartz in Mexico, and later, she was educated by liver specialist, Dr. Sandra Cabot M.D. and Naturopath from New Zealand.

In her search for a healthier lifestyle, Kaatee learned about the amazing benefits of Endermologie and in 2003, she was trained and certified as one of Hawaii’s first Endermologist.

She pioneered the first Endermologie Clinic in 2004 and four years later in 2008, she opened Enderbodies Health Spa, a full-service spa with an extensive menu of treatments.

Kaatee is well-seasoned in her field and wants to share her knowledge and experience with others.

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