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I rarely, if ever, write reviews, but Deborah is a special individual that deserves more praise than I could possibly provide. For the past 17 years, I have traveled to different parts of the world (Africa, Central America, Asia) for my work in the development field. Needless to say, I have caught parasites, bacterial infections, candida, dengue fever, sinus infections and other illnesses. It has taken a real toll on my health, my mind and my spirit. For years, I went the traditional route - seeing doctors and infectious disease hospitals. They treated me with antibiotics, steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs. All of this made my symptoms worse and severely weakened my immune system.

A few years ago, I discovered the wonderful world of colonic therapy. These started to make a drastic improvement in my health. I changed my diet and my lifestyle. I moved to Maui nearly a year ago and found Deborah after reading great reviews about her work. She is my 4th and absolute best colonic therapist I have had. I truly look up to her and admire her for her skills at getting to the root cause of illness. She actually takes the time to listen and offer protocols to follow before and after her treatments. I can not begin to think of another doctor or medical professional who comes close to her abilities to treat people.

Recently, I had another bout of illness, beginning with a lasting sinus infection that gave me intense headaches, bloated face, tiredness and eye pain. I am embarrassed that I didn't go to Deborah first to treat these issues. Last week, I spent a fantastic afternoon feeling myself literally heal within the hours that I spent with her. She got rid of all of the mucus buildup in my head, ears and behind my eyes. I did not think that a colonic could treat problems outside of the colon, but I was happily proved wrong! She solved my illness where my Ear/Nose/Throat doctor could only come up with more antibiotic and steroid treatment. She treats the source of the problem - which in my case is my liver and kidneys not being able to process traditional drug therapy. I will never wait to see Deborah again. I aim to make her treatments part of my lifestyle and routine - just like getting a haircut or going to the dentist.

For anyone who is desperate to regain optimal health, I implore you to see Deborah. She was born to be a healer. Once you see the incredible benefits of one of her special colonics, you can opt for some of the other things she offers: such as her miracle clay for skin, teeth and lymph nodes and the cleanses for liver, kidneys or parasites. Thank you Deborah for being incredibly caring and doing all you can for us!


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Highly trained, professional and relaxing for your colon hydrotherapy session. Wendy, Wailuku

Thank you Maui Holistic Garden Center for helping me turn my gut health and overall health completely around 100%! After being sick for 6 months I started working with you for less than a year turned into feeling the best I've ever felt in my life! The professional personalized service offered in a warm, caring environment eased my mind and slowly I was healing every session. I feel one-hundred percent better! Thank you for your continued education it is well worth it's weight in gold. in my mind.

Thank you Maui Holistic Garden Center for making me feel one-hundred percent better! My bacteria levels have dropped by half since we've begun cleaning out my colon, and my energy levels have increased. This has improved my inflammation in my limbs. I'm so thankful for your professionalism in this trade and how clean and sterilized everything is in your office. My doctor was impressed with how well everything has turned around. Thank you for all that you're doing for me.
J. Aloha Lock & Safe

I was very nervous about colon hydrotherapy. I was embarrassed, uncomfortable, and shy. Deborah made me feel like this was the most natural, safe, and important thing to do for my well-being. She never judges, only encourages by offering a supportive and caring environment. I appreciate her dedication and willingness to heal.
T. Gracenote

EXCELLENT! Prescription drugs took over my gut and this has been by far the best solution! W.J.T.

Thank you for making my colon hydrotherapy session comfortable. By setting me with ease, offering the electrolytes, talking me through the process before, during and after the session. I was pleasantly surprised by it all. The massage to my belly and feet during the colonic certainly helped ease my body and mind, as did your kind and understanding words throughout our meeting.

I have spoke highly about it to a few people already, and will have no problem coming back, and referring my friends to Maui Holistic Garden Center. I feel brand new.
D. Tucker

NEW! Now offering The Beam Ray treatment.

We are now offering a very effective therapy known for the destruction of viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Users have reported success with Lymes Disease, Pneumonia, Colds/Flu, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Immune System Enhancement, Herpes, Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, Shingles, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Allergies.

Today was an amazing session! What a way to start the New Year 2016 with a clean colon! Out with the old and in with the new. I believe the key to today's success was listening to your advice. Preparing beforehand, by doing an enema. It sure made a world of difference in this session! I just wanted to say thank you and mahalo, for your dedication towards health. God bless you! Aloha.

-Pat, Kihei

I would like to take a moment and thank you so much for your amazing healing abilities and colon treatments. I think you have saved my life and probably that of many others. I feel better and better after each treatment and I cannot believe what is coming out of my little body. I have been a rawfooder and vegan for 15 years and do live a clean healthy lifestyle, exercising, no coffee, no milk, no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol. And still, thousands and thousands of icky parasites have been coming out of me with your help. I so appreciate you and your dedication to your work and I am happy that you are helping my husband as well. We really enjoy taking the products of the parasite cleanse and the Miracle clay. Life will never be the same.

I love this feeling of such balloons and peace, calm after each treatment, It is so incredible. Each cell in my body is vibrating very high, I want to feel like this always!

The 12 colonics with you have been one of my best investments ever! And I will continue. You are the best!

-Andrea, CA

Dear Angel on this Earth. You are truly a kind heart and a healer. You help so many and you are real. Thanks for all your love.

-Dawn, Maui

Following hip surgery, I developed diarrhea that did not go away after a few days. Over a period of time, my doctors treated me with various antibiotics for intestinal bugs likely picked up in the hospital. However, after five weeks and no success, I tried a different approach. I went to Maui Holistic Garden Center, where there was great professionalism and caring. I received a colonic that unplugged the colon that was causing the diarrhea symptoms. A day or so later, I was back to normal after weeks of grief. It was nothing short of a miracle answered to what appeared to be a serious health problem!

-Gary E., Maui

I lost 2.8 lbs after one session with the entomology machine and colonic combination. The results where amazing, I have not ever experienced anything like it. I have had several colonics before but the effects and results with incorporating the endermologie before my colonic was epic. It has improved my health in so many way. Thank you for another experience that I will remember for a lifetime.

-Candis Faulkner, CA

I have known Deborah for years, but did not commit to regular colonics until an emergency appendectomy almost two years ago. At first I had colonics monthly. This increased to twice a month and recently to weekly. You may think that frequency would be the opposite. As I attended more regularly, it was very apparent that the work deepened. Today, Deborah and I were just silent as I released about one and half hours non-stop! I had just had a colonic 5 days ago and we shortened the time as Deborah was to be on a break. I did not even think I needed to come. I am always amazed at where this toxic stuff could have been hiding. I have released large amounts of fungus, parasties, and fecal matter over these past two years. Sounds unbelievable. Well, I am a Psychologist and this is just what happens in therapy! It takes awhile to get to the buried stuff.

Lately people keep telling me how beautiful I look. Well, I just wanted a healthy colon, but I accept this added perk. What a number this toxic world does in one's being! I have to say, that Deborah is in a class of her own. I have had colonics with four other Colonic Therapist and there is no comparison. Deborah has had a lifetime committed to natural healing. She maintains such high standards and does not just go the extra mile. She goes the extra TEN miles.

She is constantly improving protocols, and greets you with a specially prepared drink before and after session. She will not let time dictate what needs to be done. You truly feel that she cares as much about your health as she cares about a beloved family member. What can I say? She has saved my life. I guess that says it all.

-Dr. S. Kosel, PhD

"Maui Holistic Garden Center provides high quality, professional colon hydrotherapy service, an integral part of a comprehensive detoxification program. Excellent service provided by compassionate and caring therapists. Highly recommended."

-Dr. Ian Cholewa

Thank you for such a warm welcome to the Holistic Garden Center, it is a gem. I am grateful for the knowledge and expertise you shared in the beautiful space you have created. It matches Maui's luxury! I appreciate the time and energy you took to help me get back on track to wellness. Warm Gratitude,

-Kerry Hegarty, Makawao, HI

Thank you so much for all your help (Deborah) and support and lovingness toward me. I really do believe you were a Godsend! I felt like a new person after our last session. I don't know what would've happened to me had I not seen you. Moving to a new city has been so stressful and my body is fighting back, so I'm really going to be paying attention and taking care of myself. Thank you again. You are a kind, sweet soul.

-E.R., Maui

I started seeing Deborah a little over a year ago. I was dehydrated and full of parasites, really in bad shape. I'm not totally out of the woods yet, but I'm not seeing any more parasites and am feeling much better. It's a roller-coaster, some days are better than others, but my skin feels better and looks better, my energy levels are much better, and I will continue getting colonics for a little while until I feel it's time to stop. I'm on the road to health thanks to Deborah.

-Robbie Q., Lahaina, HI