The Five Mistakes That Will Tank Your Raw Juice Cleanse

So you have decided to kick your health into high gear with a raw juice cleanse. Excellent! I am a huge fan of raw juice cleanses. As long as they are done correctly and safely, I believe a raw juice cleanse is absolutely one of the best ways to flush toxins out of the body, super charge your energy levels, help you lose that stubborn weight, and even boost your immune system. However, it’s easy to get the raw juice fast wrong. There is a lot of contradictory information on the internet and a lot of companies that want to take your money. Don’t put yourself through the rigor of a raw juice cleanse and then tank all your hard work with these easy-to-avoid mistakes:

Raw Juice Cleanse Mistake One: Adding Too Many Fruits

Fruits are good for you in moderation, but they also contain a lot of sugar, especially in concentrated juice form. The best and healthiest raw juice diets are made primarily of dark green vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, spinach, parsley, and cucumber. I’ve seen too many people throw handfuls of sugar-filled strawberries, blueberries, and oranges into their juicers. These fruit-based juices will flood your body with sugar, which will cause huge energy highs and crashes. Not good or healthy! Stick to a majority of green vegetables in every cup. You can add a little green apple to sweeten the taste of the juice, but not too much!

Raw Juice Cleanse Mistake Two: Trying to Fast Too Long

The ideal length of a raw juice cleanse for a healthy adult, in my opinion, is ten days. This requires a lot of discipline. Most people who start their first juice fast aren’t ready to keep it up for ten days, and that’s just fine! You can still get a huge benefit from doing a five-day raw juice diet or even a three-day diet. Even a one-day raw juice cleanse is way better for your health than eating out at a fast food joint. When you first start out, give yourself some slack. I’ve seen too many people decide they are going to do a raw juice diet for ten days and then run out of steam and quit on day two. Start small, and if you need to end a day early, that’s okay. It’s all a learning process.

Raw Juice Cleanse Mistake Three: Forget to Include Oil and Sodium

A raw juice fast based on dark green veggies will infuse your body with lots of nutrients, but there are just a few things that you can’t find in vegetables (except celery), including omega-three fats and mineral salt. Celery is a natural source of mineral salt while juicing. You need to make sure that you add these components into your diet during your cleanse. If you opt out of celery, throw in a tiny pinch of coconut, flax, or udo’s oil into each glass of juice. Omega three fatty acids are great for your heart and help you feel full! Also, throw in a dash of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt. Despite what you may have heard, salt isn’t necessarily bad for you. Your body actually needs sodium to function; we just tend to consume waaaay too much of it in processed foods.

Raw Juice Cleanse Mistake Four: Paying Too Much for a Fancy Raw Juice Cleanse

Like I mentioned above, there are tons of companies that are all too happy to charge you $150 or more for a three-day raw juice cleanse regiment. (That’s over $300 if you want to go ten days!) If you live in Maui, like I do, the shipping charges will also eat you alive! Most of these companies provide good juices, and if you have a hectic schedule, you may appreciate the convenience of grabbing a pre-made juice bottles from the fridge and going about your day. However, if you plan on doing a regular or semi-regular raw juice cleanse, I recommend investing in your own juicer. There’s no need to spend your hard-earned money on a fancy raw juice set when you can make your own. It’s easy to find tons of great juice recipes online. One trip to the grocery store and a few hours of work, and you can prepare all your juices for your cleanse or fast.

Raw Juice Cleanse Mistake Five: Falling Back into Bad Habits 

A juice cleanse isn’t meant to last forever, but it can serve as a potent starting point for a better diet. Many people have found that a raw juice fast can unchain them from sugar, caffeine, and fatty cravings. Now that your body has been cleaned up and retooled, don’t ruin all your hard work by slipping right back into your old habits of eating highly processed, high-fat, high-sugar, high-sodium foods. Use the time on your raw juice cleanse to kick all the bad foods out of your house and start putting together a healthier meal plan!

You may also want to consider cleaning other parts of your body. The most important place to start is the colon. If you live in Maui, contact Maui Holistic to schedule a colon hydrotherapy procedure.

* The information in this article solely represents my opinion and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult with your doctor to decide if a raw juice cleanse is right for you.

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