How to Use “Miracle Healing Clay” to Look Younger

If I were Maria von Trapp singing a song about my favorite things during a scary storm, you could forget about bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens (especially here in Maui!) I’d be singing my heart out about White Montmorillonite clay, also popularly called “Miracle Clay” and “Healing Clay.” I use this stuff every single day for just about every ailment, but I especially love how it makes my skin so smooth, it could give a baby’s bottom a run for its money!

Check out this great new video we just posted that tells you all about Montmorillonite clay.


What Is White Montmorillonite Clay?

The results of using White Montmorillonite clay may seem miraculous, but it really does come down to plain old science. The clay isn’t truly a clay at all. It is actually a crystal with a high ionic substitutional potential. What users may put down to a miracle is actually a result of the crystal’s far infrared energy emissions and its special ionic charge.

The best and most pure form of the clay (and the kind we use and sell at Maui Holistic) is mined by hand from the Nevalite Mine in Nevada. This is important, because a less savvy buyer can find tons of different “healing” clays on the market with varying levels of purity!

How to Send Your Wrinkles Packing with Miracle Clay

You know what is also not one of my favorite things? Wrinkles! Age spots! Dull, saggy skin. I love the wisdom that time and age grants me, but not the physical evidence on my skin and face. That is why White Montmorillonite clay has become a permanent part of my nightly routine. Here’s how you can easily create a clay mask that will hydrate your skin and send your wrinkles and age spots packing:

  • Add clay powder to distilled water
  • Mix with a wooden or plastic spoon until it becomes a paste-like substance
  • Spread a generous layer over your face or any other areas where you want to improve skin tone or diminish blemishes and scars
  • Wrap face in saran wrap to keep the clay moist.
  • Keep the clay on for two hours, then wash off with warm water
  • Wash face with a gentle cleanser after the clay is removed and put on moisturizer

Yes, you will look kind of funny with clay and saran wrap all over your face, so maybe no Facetime or Skype video chats during this time. The weirdness will be worth it. The clay has an amazing ability to suck impurities out of your skin (which is why it is so good at getting rid of acne and other blemishes), and hydrate it so that it feels velvety smooth. You’ll also notice diminished wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes, and redness.

Ready to Try the Healing Clay?

If you live in Maui, give Maui Holistic a call! We sell the very best and most pure White Montmorillonite clay that you can get anywhere, without nearly the same crazy markup you’ll find at some other spas or holistic health shops. I know that once you give this clay a try, it will become one of your favorite things, too! Also, don’t forget to check out our new video, which gives you even more great information about Montmorillonite clay!

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