If you understand carpet cleaning you will understand a colon cleanse.

When I think of a colon cleanse certain words come to mind: comfort, clean, revitalize, freedom and beauty. The whole process is comfortable, relaxing; it brings relief. There is nothing more beautiful than a revitalized colon. The mind becomes clear, memory sharpens, breathing is more relaxed, and the skin tingles with renewed energy. “What does the colon have to do with so many functions of the body?” you may ask. A better question might be: What part of the body does it NOT effect? Literally, every aspect of our physical health is tied to the colon. When it becomes clean good health is just around the corner. When it is sickly and over taxed by the accumulation of years of filth, it cannot function as it was intended to by our Creator.

I recall this condition being referred to as toxemia back in the 90’s. I was told that nearly all of us carry over twenty-five pounds of roting, decomposing foods and encrusted filth on the walls of our colons. This deposit continuously sends its poisonous residues into the body, becoming the root cause of untold numbers of diseases and a myriad of physical, mental and emotional problems. What is the cause of this buildup? Our unhealthy diets. The cure is simple: a healthy diet filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. This healthy diet must include foods loaded with nature’s scrubbing agents: roughage, and plenty of enzymes, oils, oxygen-loving bacteria, antioxidants, plus lots of water. Juices are a gentle way to introduce abundant amounts of these foods into our bodies; wheatgrass juice, sprouts and baby plants, fruits of all kinds and plenty of vegetables from the dark greens of kale to carrots and celery all make great juices for detoxification of the colon.

I’m talking about a feast! A feast for what ails you. What you don’t want to eat is white flour with its sticky residue of gluten which feeds and encourages the yeast living in your body and glues everything together inside your colon encouraging it all to cling to the walls of the colon and slow down the process of elimination. You don’t want white sugar or hydrogenated oils. And you don’t want too much cooked foods. Meat begins to rot long before it can be passed out of the body even with a health colon, but with the walls of the colon coated with stagnant debris meat becomes trapped and just sits there, bypassing the normal process of being passed out of the body, decaying into lethal poisons which are then drawn back into the body. I suggest that you restrict the intake of meat or eliminate it all together.

Eat healthy, that is the best remedy. In time, the colon will return to good health. But there are ways to encourage this process, to help it along. This is where the colon cleanse comes in. You have spent years plugging up the colon with filth and you may want to give it a hand in this cleansing process. Fasting certainly helps: fasting with a healthy diet in between fasts. Juice fasting helps, perhaps even more than a water-only fast because you are providing the body with the tools to cleanse along with giving the digestive system a break. But the colon cleanse is the most direct approach: just let an abundance of water flow up from the anus, dislodging and removing the filth as it runs back out. Water is called the universal solvent for a good reason. Would to attempt to clean your four-wheeler with no water, just a rag, after a romp in the muddy back country? Water works to clean a colon, water and time.

I used to be a carpet cleaner. There are a number of factors involved which determine the effectiveness of a carpet cleaning system: time, heat, the chemical or solvent, and friction. If you increase one of these you can use less of some of the other factors. For instance, hot water is many times more active as a solvent than cold water. Hot water isn’t going to work in the colon, but, herbs and a mild H2O2 solution works well to enhance comfortably warm water as a solvent. You don’t want a harsh chemical to clean you out like a Roto Rooter machine. Some methods of colon treatment resort to such measures. I say this is entirely uncalled for. It may be quick and thorough but not gentle. Friction might be increased by pumping the water up the colon, but how much pressure is acceptable by your body? Where is the comfort-zone as far as pressure goes? Gentle gravity-fed water is what I recommend; water flowing in and out at its own gentle pace: no force is needed or wanted here, no harsh chemicals, nor excessive heat or friction.

You wouldn’t want the carpet cleaner to fray your carpet from too much friction or dissolve the backing from too much hot water and harsh chemicals. Sometimes the cleaning process causes more problems than having a dirty carpet. Too much water can cause mold to grow under the carpet or the cleaning solution can leave a sticky residue which attracts dirt making your carpet dirtier in a couple of weeks than before the cleaning. The carpet in your home is a large investment and one you should protect by hiring a reputable technician who knows what he/she is doing. How much more valuable is your colon, which you cannot replace at any cost?

I used the word “clean” to describe a colon cleanse at the beginning of this article partly because there is very little mess involved. It flows out of the anus and away from the body, not onto the body. And another concern that some may have: you wear a towel to preserve your modesty, along with a gown or shirt. The process is not uncomfortable but soothing and deeply satisfying. Poison is leaving your body and that is cause for a celebration!

We get used to mild ailments if they are persistent. You may not realize how much of your ability to think clearly has been clouded by poisons until the cloud is lifted. After a colon cleanse you can expect to feel lighter, literally, because pounds of debris has been flushed out. Unlike other methods of detoxification, the poisons are leaving the body, not just dislodged and left to find their own way out, overtaxing the kidneys, skin and lungs in the process.


Have you ever watched a water-witch at work? They claim that because water transmits energy or life-force easier than the solid earth, they can detect this increase in energy flow and thus tell you where to dig your well. They can just as easily point up at the sky with their eyes closed and tell you where the power-lines are. Some say they can see a band of energy flowing up a river which the fish use to move easily upstream. I am thinking of Viktor Schauberger here, but he is not the only one who has observed this flow of energy through water.

When I was younger and first exploring the energy channels of my body with my mind, I discovered an invisible hole on my perineum. I was fascinated by the sensation of poking energy up this hole with my mind. What I had discovered, quite by accident, was CV1 (Conception Vessel 1) as it is called by the acupressurists, or the Mortal Gate of the Taoist tradition. This place on the perineum is the opening of the Taoists thrusting channel, a channel which extends up the middle of the body to the heart. The Western Occultists call this the Middle Pillar, referring to the central column of the cabala tree of life. As I advanced in my practices of energy manipulation, I routinely sent energy up the full length of this central pillar.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to get constipated on vacation more than at home? I was on vacation in Florida with my family when I discovered this invisible hole. To my surprise, I found that if I ran energy into this channel in the morning, even though I was constipated I soon felt the urge to have a BM. So, energy flow up into the body near and through the colon will encourage the colon to let go of its debris. Energy, or life-force, flows through water easier than through solids, therefore a colon cleanse will provide a good avenue for energy to penetrate the colon and aid in the cleansing process.

Mind Over Fecal Matter

My father-in-law complained of severe constipation, which had been a problem for years but had gotten so out of hand in the past couple of weeks that he was considering going to the emergency room. He was in pain from the blockage. I was elected to drive him to the hospital. As we were talking about this in his front room, I suggested that he try a healing modality called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technology). EFT sends energy down the length of all the energy meridians by tapping on their endpoints, while repeating an affirmation stating the problem needing to be solved.

After some coaxing to get him to try it, I guided my father-in-law through the EFT process. When we came to the part which engages the right and left brains by looking side to side and around in circles followed by humming part of a tune, counting from one to five and humming some more, he grinned and said, “Oh you! You really got me this time; fooled me right up to this point!” He thought I was in jest and that my promise that his constipation might be relieved in this way was a complex joke I was playing on him. I was not above such jokes as he well knew from experience. But this time I was not in jest and insisted that he continue the EFT process to the end. After a couple of times through the EFT routine and into the third, he suddenly looked surprised, his eyes bugged out, and he sat up stiffly. Then he jumped up and scuttled off to the bathroom to have the first BM he had had in days. He had several more that same day and I saved myself the trouble of going to the emergency room.

Energy movement is the foundation of EFT, that and a suggestion of the mind. You can effect any part of your body with energy movement. As the water works its way deeper and deeper into your colon during a colon cleanse, this provides the perfect avenue for this life-giving energy to do the same. If the technician helps you with a boost of energy from any number of healing modalities while the water is running its course during a colon cleanse, this surely must increase the effectiveness of the process. If you WILL the toxic waste to loosen and leave your body during a colon cleanse, the process can only become more effective. Become part of the process with the power of your mind.


The root of all evil is not money, it is the colon. The least you should do is to start today with a healthier diet. And consider the possibility of having a colon cleanse.

Is there really a crust of old, rotting foods in your colon that needs removing? 

When there is not proper elimination, deposits of fecal matter build up along the wall of the colon or in the pockets of the colon.


Things don’t crust over. The business about putrefaction is all baloney. There are not pieces of food hanging around in there getting old.

“Experts” are saying yes there is a crust and “experts” are saying no there is no crust.

The technicians here at Maui Holistic Gardens have both the training and experience to make your colon cleanse a memorable journey toward better health. Regardless of who is right about the crust, the differences you feel and see in your wellbeing cannot be circumvented by anyone’s arguments. I say that the colon cleanse will improve your health; it may even be a turning point. Evaluating the colon cleanse with personal experience is the best way to know what the true is.

Feelings of joy and contentment: You may notice this in the later stages of a cleanse—after about five-to-six days of daily enemas or colonics with peroxide. This is a direct result of more oxygen in the body! It is allowing the waste to bind with it and leave, and after that’s in process, you have some as a reserve.

More mental clarity: Comes with better, more efficient oxygenation of tissues and of the blood going to the brain (which, by the way, comprises 60 percent of cardiac output). Will last longer as your cleanse progresses. See other sections of this book on increasing oxygenation by other means as well.

Nausea: If you experience a little nausea, it is likely due to an an overloaded liver. The water going through the colon wall enters the portal circulation to the liver and stirs things up. This reaction could happen without peroxide too. Proceed at a comfortable pace for you. Lots of nausea may mean too much peroxide. Give it a rest for a couple of days, then go back to Square One and start over. As you cleanse, things will probably get easier. If you have been eating a mostly cooked-food diet, have more work to do to cleanse. (Flood Your Body with Oxygen by Ed McCabe)

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