Meet Michael CCT

Michael Wertlieb, CCT

Proud to be serving Maui’s community at Maui Holistic Garden Center

Micheal’s Experience and Approach:

Michael has been practicing holistic healing arts professionally for the last 10 years throughout Hawaii, California, and Asia. He has studied extensively with Helen Wood, one of the pioneers of the modern Colon Hydrotherapy movement. That led him to work alongside Andrea Davis (N.D.) at a very busy clinic in Bali where he facilitated thousands of clients through their cleansing process.

Michael is passionate about empowering others to take health back in their own hands. He has found and observed a profound range of healing through eating more plants, fasting, and colon hydrotherapy. Much of his intuitive sensibility is gained from working with a wide range of clients from around the world and his sessions are often geared towards the individual’s needs. His calm and grounded demeanor allows people to freely open up to the healing that mother nature provides. Perhaps one of Michael’s greatest talents is making people not only feel comfortable and loved, but to also have fun in the process!