Deborah R. Manzano

Founder, Owner and CCT of Maui Holistic Garden Center

Deborah’s passion and love for life shines through her work and play. She brought Maui Holistic Garden Center to life after 40+ years of going through her own healing journey. Deborah’s main passion with her center is to allow the love and healing to flow through her as she nurtures, pampers and cherishes her clients.

At 55 years young Deborah has discovered how to live a youthful and vibrant life. She is ready to share her knowledge and passion with the world. Her joyful spirit is here to help all who want to regain their health and happiness! Deborah states, “I was born to help others who want to take RESPONSIBILITY for their well being”.

As your therapist and guide to better health Deborah would know best about how to regain health. At the age of 16 years old she was diagnosed with an immune disorder. Her medical doctors told her she would be a “girl in a bubble” the rest of her life. She was allergic to just about everything outdoors (trees, flowers, weeds, animals, etc).

For 40 years she lived with, and then overcame, 40+ diseases ranging from cancer to acne. She studied and literally physically LIVED this journey of healing. She learned how to make nutritional adjustments along with emotional, physical and spiritual changes. Deborah is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients.

When Deborah is not at the center she enjoys fully living life. Her vibrant and charming smile shine through to those who meet her. She enjoys acting and modeling, kayaking, volleyball, stand up surfing, frisbee, snorkeling, beach powerwalks, healthy cooking, raw juicing, teaching, gardening and LOVING BIG!

Rhonda Collins

Certified Colon Therapist

After 20 years in corporate America, Rhonda’s eagerness to pursue her passion in the healing arts became stronger and stronger. Her interest in holistic healing – the core of healing – encompassing the mind, body, spirit – was always apparent, but now even more evident in her move to Maui from the Mainland in 2013.

As a certified colon hydrotherapist, she is motivated by her true purpose to help and care for others. She compassionately attends to the physiological needs and technical issues of the process while having the spiritual momentum and guidance to aid in the emotional and mental releases that colon hydrotherapy can and does offer.

Empathetic, patient, and sincere, she is driven by her determination to best serve her clients.

Grateful to Maui for the past years of loyalty and referrals, Rhonda is dedicated to helping others discover their own healing powers. She is devoted to making the science of the second brain (our large intestine/colon!) a tool for healing on the holistic level (mind/body/spirit).